Properties of white for the kitchen

White kitchen hides the flaws of the interior; visually increases the room; creates a feeling of peace, cleanliness and order; combines elements of different styles in one interior. The peculiarity of this color is the ability to change the shade on different surfaces. This is the basis of the idea of a non-boring interior of a white kitchen. Smooth walls give off a cool whiteness and fabrics shimmer in warm milky hues.

White is used in many interior styles and has a special meaning in each. A classic white kitchen to suit aristocrats or just people with good taste. The function of this color is to give the room a gloss and sophistication.

The Moscow factory has interesting classic sets «Announcement». White kitchen in the modern style is elegant and practical. This option will suit those who value comfort along with aesthetics. Also this color emphasizes the conciseness of the interior. White furniture in the interior of the kitchen Provence or country creates a sense of peace and homeliness.

Bound to a particular style of interior is not necessary. It's easy to decorate the room with tried-and-true design tricks, which will be discussed below. A white kitchen doesn't have to be monotonous at all. Any other colors can be introduced into the neutral range, creating unique interiors. There are three ways to do this: Contrast white with another color, different shades of white, a light background, diluted with bright accents.

White always takes on a hint of the colors next to it, so even one contrasting large object will change the color scheme of the room. A kitchen in black and white looks very bold, really? This contrast is a proven method, but dosage of black in moderation.

In order not to go overboard, make light colors dominate: white furniture in the interior combined with dark wall elements. The white kitchen can be complemented by separate elements of bright colors. It can be furniture – chairs, shelves and even appliances of a different color against the white walls. The kitchen with green, yellow or orange units – a fresh, youthful solution. Smeg and Electrolux have interesting design collections with brightly coloured fridges.

The color scheme can be based on the nuances of combinations of white with milk, pearl, the color of melted milk. Textured finishes are what a white kitchen needs. The classic combination of textures: glossy white furniture on the background of brick or tile walls.

Well-chosen bright accents can enliven a completely white kitchen. Choose one or more other colors and use them in the room. It can be curtains, pictures, flower pots, decorative stickers or colored tableware behind glass furniture fronts. See how you can combine different colors in the kitchen interior.

The main problem is that such a kitchen must be constantly monitored. But the furniture does not burn out in the sun over time, and you can get used to the rest. Practical materials make cleaning easier: washable wallpaper, furniture with smooth fronts.

Visually less noticeable dirt on countertops and tiles with a texture in small speckled or imitation wood. Snow white surfaces are harder to keep clean than pastel colored furniture. White kitchen – as a white dress for women: suitable only for those who fit «your» shade.

It requires daily attention, but for diligent owners will be the pride of the house.