Gazebos, terraces, verandas and patios: what's the difference??

A cottage plot gets a finished look only after the necessary design elements are included – without decorative details, the territory adjacent to the house remains a lifeless and impersonal space. Gazebos and their varieties allow you to successfully complement any garden ensemble. However, the large variety of outdoor structures can also confuse the inexperienced gardener.

Let's deal with each of them in order. A classic pergola is made of wood, and from the house to it leads a path across the lawn. It is important that the element fits into the style of the house and site, creating with them a single picture.


This is a place for rest or noisy fun with friends, it allows you to celebrate the memorable event, as well as to spend an evening with a book. Gazebos can also serve as a summer kitchen with a barbecue or a kind of studio for creativity.


A patio is a small courtyard sheltered from prying eyes by a decorative fence and climbing plants. It can be tiered, include a hearth, a fireplace, and even be located on the roof of the house.

The tradition of furnishing such recreation areas came to us from the Mediterranean countries. The south side of the plot is best for building a patio. The area must first be leveled, paved with tile or stone. It's convenient to connect the patio with the kitchen to bring food and drinks.

Its design usually includes a variety of garden furniture, allowing you to relax and unwind with comfort, and artificially aged decorative elements made of wood will perfectly complement the picture. Terraces have come to us from the south, where it is customary to spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the hot rays of the sun. They are usually spacious and have no walls.


An open space, like a terrace, can be covered and is in fact a modified patio. It can be enclosed by a railing or a curb, or not enclosed at all, creating a single space terrace-garden. The terrace is able to softly merge with the landscape, allowing you to appreciate the views of the area. Any decorative garden elements such as fountains, ponds, flowerbeds, rock gardens would be appropriate beside a terrace. To decorate it suitable lacquered wood products, climbing and potted plants, and evergreen bushes set around the perimeter, not only pleases the eye, but also protects it from the wind. To create a cozy enclosed space on the terrace, you can hang tulle.


This is a glazed structure, which is built into the main part of the house. Warmed veranda allows you to enjoy the comfort even in winter: it, like a terrace, be sure to have a foundation to protect from the cold and cold. In order not to lose the opportunity to enjoy nature even when entering the house, it is better to make a veranda with solid glazing.


A gazebo with a barbecue allows you to cook barbecue outdoors at any time when you feel like it. Oven, made of stone or refractory bricks, is usually installed in the back wall, so that the culinary action does not interfere with the household to move between the gazebo and the house.