Landscaping near the school

An important and irreplaceable part of creating a favorable environment for health and multifaceted development of students: aesthetic, cultural, environmental. It's also a form of schoolyard beautification and an opportunity to create a safe learning environment.

Gardening is especially important for settlements of Central Asia because in the conditions of sharply continental climate favorable conditions of human existence are formed by green plantings not outside but inside the settlements. Plants provide shade, reduce dust, kill pathogens, saturate the air with aromas, and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the conditions and organization of education in secondary schools stipulate that green areas must occupy at least 50% of the school territory. The area of the public school should be fenced and landscaped. Planting of greenery is planned on the basis of not less than 50% of the area. It should be noted that many species used in other regions, including the European part of the continent, have not been tested beforehand for their suitability in dry and contrasting continental climates. Therefore, preference should be given to plants native to Central America.

Especially since a significant number of them are already being used in local landscaping.